Give it Away!

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I’ve read many quotes that sum up the concept: “Give away what you want!” For instance, if you want love in your life, be loving toward others. If you want money, give it away to others and so forth. In the pursuit of my dream, I have noticed just how much I have been on the front burner of my own awareness. It’s all about “What I need to do.” “How am I going to make it?” “I feel so frustrated with this or that!” Honestly, I am getting sick of being so over concerned with myself! Sheesh! Don’t get me wrong, I have spent time doing this blog to grow personally, encourage others and myself but to also discover new things. As I sit here, in a position in life where I feel close to a breakthrough yet still report to a cubicle on a daily basis I feel the need to give back to the world something positive and beautiful that I haven’t been able to do through my artistic endeavors to the capacity that I would like. Maybe instead of up and quitting my job and going to build homes in Ghana (which would be really cool to do (*note to self). Maybe I can start giving right where I am! Maybe volunteering at a local homeless shelter or somewhere I am needed can remove the burden of narcissism. I use the term “burden” to describe narcissism because life is about achieving balance. If you are too focused outwardly you will wither away, just as if you are too focused inwardly you will likely go a bit crazy from the pressure.

give it away-

I read an article on the benefits of giving and it is much more scientifically sound than we might anticipate:

  • It May Lower Your Blood Pressure– It also fosters a sense of social support and connection.

  • It Can Help Reduce Stress– Science has discovered that “stingy” behavior increases stress.

  • It Can Help You Live Longer– Studies have shown that people who do not serve others had a 30% higher risk of dying if they have had a stressful life event.

  • It Can Boost Your Mood– Giving to others can actually activate pleasure-related centers in your brain.

Now, it may sound sort of selfish to even address the personal benefits of giving. Because you might think well, “Isn’t the point of giving to simply help others?” While that is true on some levels I think there is more to it. It reminds me of an episode of Friends (yes, I am a proud Friends fan!) where Phoebe and Joey were trying to find an “unselfish good deed.” Phoebe even let a bee sting her thinking it made the “bee look strong in front of his bee friends” (yeah, I was serious bout that Friends fan thing) until she found out that the bee likely died from the sting.

Basically, at the end of the episode, we were left with the realization that there are no unselfish good deeds because doing for others does something GREAT for you!

Some Universal Laws come to mind:

  • The Law of Divine Oneness-Everything is connected to everything else. In short, if that person feels good…so will you!

  • Law of Action– We can’t just think about a thing…we must execute it. The action of reading to a young child or passing out bag lunches to those in need is much more effective than just the thought of it.

  • Law of Relativity– It’s about perspective. Reminds me that my current life situation could be worse. That might sound harsh but sometimes we must be reminded of how blessed we are…as is!

Be Aware: Giving away your time in service to others is a fulfilling experience when your intent is pure. As I mentioned, I have spent many times in conversations with friends as a means to escape my own issues (see “Distractions! Distractions! DISTRACTIONS!!!” post) but I did that with the intention of avoiding my responsibilities. There can also be underlying reasons that side close with manipulation (sort of “I’ll scratch your back, but you better scratch mine” type of thing). That thought process is not what I am referring to in this post. The “Give it Away” concept that I am referring to is doing something to make someone else happy (for the sake of making them happy). Just doing what you know in your heart should be done even if you don’t get a thank you. That kind of giving might just be the most beautifully selfish thing in the world!

“For it is in giving that we receive.”- Francis of Assisi

Our Tasks:

  • Get out of my comfort or “un”comfort zone and give to someONE (stranger or friend) or someTHING (an organization) from my heart. Whether they even know it was from me or not (mysterious blessings are pretty cool).

  • Remember that we are all connected. There’s not much difference between me and the person I pass on the street whether they are donned in the latest fashions or are living in front of an office building.

  • Remember that, if I don’t like the way my cards are dealt…I could always have a worse hand.

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