So it’s a New Year…but how NEW are YOU?!


So, it’s a new year. It’s officially 2017! Personally, I am feeling amazing about it. It feels like a year of renewal and refreshing. Like 2016 was a bit haywire…like completely nuts and running around screaming obscenities, stripping down naked and rolling in a bail of hay naying like a horse type of haywire. We lost Sooooo many beloved celebrities and had a very emotional election so I am loving the newness of 2017. Like I NEED this NEW year.

But what does this New Year look like for you? Have you written resolutions? Goals? Desires? A business plan? If so, excellent! Personally, I have done that before and not much changed in that New Year. I did the vision board but things still looked like they did the previous year. Now I would NEVER look to rain on anyone’s parade but it would be remiss of me not to tell the mistakes I’d made. There is a passage in the Bible that speaks about putting “new wine” in “old wine skins” basically saying how can you do something new with the same old mentality. Both must be new. Like if you were afraid of public speaking last year and would avoid it at all costs then this year you must be brave. You must see yourself as a new person who is unafraid of a challenge, a person who perseveres. You must BE different. That might sound like “enter the phrase ‘duh’ here” but in some self-reflection over the holidays I have listed my: Goals for 2017, Accomplishments from 2016, my shortcomings…things to improve upon, Strategies for 2017, etc. I wrote these things out and determined that I can’t get there from here. What do I mean by “here?” I can’t get to where I desire to go in 2017 by being the “same ole’ Audra.” It’s impossible because the “same ole’ Audra” didn’t workout regularly, she has been indecisive about what she wants, she waivered and lacked faith in many areas, she blah blah blah… So how can she possibly get to another level of amazing?(because we are all amazing in our own right simply because we are here breathing on Earth) How do I achieve a higher level of physical fitness? How do I have healthier relationships? How do I create more opportunities and generate more money? Do the stuff it takes to  get those things! Sounds easy but I have many times told myself that life isn’t so bad where I am (yeah…not so sure I was being very honest about that.) I allowed myself to be lazy at times and jaded others so in order to have the life I desire I have to BE a new person. I have to be a new wineskin so that I can welcome in some new wine! As a new person, I can choose to enjoy working out 5 days a week even if I don’t enjoy working out 5 days a week. (emphasis on “choose”) I am not lying to myself, I am just choosing to be/do whatever it takes to get me the results that I desire. I have to be the kind of person that doesn’t mind the inconvenience of going to bed at 10pm so I can wake up well-rested at 6am and work out.

So WHO do you choose to be? Setting goals are just a portion of the achievement process. Back to the old saying (that used to frustrate me beyond belief) “Life is a journey not a destination.” As much as that phrase has annoyed me it makes for a more honorable existence. To me, it says that life is a developmental process and the journey provides the individual with an opportunity each day to decide who they are going to be. The journey is there to build character and refine an individual. So maybe instead of looking at our goals for 2017 as just “Things to Achieve” how about we look at them as opportunities for self-development, opportunities to be more disciplined human beings, to be folk with faith, etc. Let our goals encourage us to be the great people we know deep down inside we already are but maybe have been too lazy, too broken-hearted, too jaded or too insecure to be. Deep down our New Year’s resolutions are pretty much always just to be our BEST selves so maybe we should just ALLOW that to happen.

Our Tasks:

  • Let the Journey RE-fine You…not DE-fine– Keep in mind this year that is its not just about the things that you achieve but about the person you are becoming in the process.

  • Make your Lists:

What You Achieved in 2016– Its probably more than you know.

Your Goals for 2017– Be clear (include strategies for achieving them)

Your Shortcomings– Also list and how you can turn them into strengths. (They may become part of your goals)

  • Commit…Don’t Quit! Look at your goals everyday and let them motivate you.


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