Ask…But Don’t Forget to RECEIVE!

The past few days I have been in a bit of a funk waiting on some things to come through music-wise. I was at a point where I really needed some answers when lo and behold I meet someone (at my J-O-B) and had a conversation (not gonna say how long it lasted as not to incriminate myself…let’s just say that it was an “extended” five minutes-insert side eye emoji here). It’s almost as if the very motivation I needed was personified and speaking directly to me. The main topic of our conversation was about receiving ALL the GOOD stuff that God has for you. Basically, receiving your blessings. This was all from the mouth of a young lady who was determined to make her dreams come to fruition and boy does she have lots of fruit. From films to fashion this young woman is making it happen! She was not at all braggadocious she was just being honest about how she manifested so many blessings and so quickly. For her it all came down to:

  • Clarity of desire.
  • Asking for what whe wants (preferably verbally)
  • Not blocking the flow with doubt.
  • Moving as inspired. Not feeling forced to do anything.

Some of you might be screaming “Didn’t I hear about this in “The Secret”” or “Isn’t this what the law of attraction is? Duh Audra!” Well, my focus here is not to reiterate the full process of attracting what you desire but to speak on an element of the process that I have had trouble with…RECEIVING. I spoke with another artist friend of mine a few days ago recand she was distraught because she was having severe financial difficulties. She began crying on the phone. She was balling! I felt so bad because I have surely been there before. She kept saying how she has been working as hard as she can to pursue her dream and how she has been focused on her goals yet she is still having big financial issues. She was so frustrated and understandably so. She is one of the hardest working people I know so I felt for her. Something within me said that maybe the issue isn’t so much about her not working hard enough. Maybe the issue is the opposite. Maybe she’s not having enough fun! I told her that maybe she just needs to relax and enjoy life a bit more. Take her mind off of the fires that need to be put out and laugh. Watch “Elf” (with Will Ferrell, Christmas time or not that movie always makes me laugh! Whew!) I guess my advice wasn’t too sucky because by the end of the conversation she was laughing and two days later she told me she booked a commercial! What a blessing!

Sometimes RECEIVING the blessing is the hardest part!  -Audra Bryant

For me, in the past and still a bit today (if I am being honest) I have questioned my worthiness to receive what I desire. “Is what I want too big?” I would ask. I have questioned the soundness of my desire if it were not immediately answered or was met with opposition from others. The bottom line is I was wishy washy about it. I would pivot when I needed to stand my ground. But now I see that the keys to manifesting your desires also include:

  • Good self-esteem/Feeling of worthiness
  • Focus on desire (no wishy washy thinking)
  • Having fun and feeling good

In listening to the young woman at my J-O-B I was in awe of her level of self-confidence and deservingness. It made me take another look at myself and truly ask, “Are you worth it?”(No this is not a Loreal commercial but the sentiment is the same) I believe I will truly know the answer in the coming days and weeks as I ask for what I desire and see it… or not.

Many times I think we take for granted that what we ask for we can easily receive. We tend to doubt the signs. We ask for joy and when the puppy comes and jumps on our lap with excitement we are quick to push it off. We ask for love and when that “geeky” guy can’t stop staring at you (not in a crazy way of course) and asks you who your favorite Star Wars character is (not that all Stars Wars fans are geeks…just making a point) we ignore him because you expected your “Knight in Shining Armor” to have a Range Rover…not a Prius.We ask for our dreams to come to fruition,  so when we are sitting in a cubicle dreaming of being on stage and someone walks in and they wind up having an “extended” five-minute conversation with you about just how possible your dream is to achieve and you leave work feeling encouraged then maybe we will have a deeper understanding about how all of this “Receiving” stuff works. Maybe we are in receipt of our blessings all the time but we just don’t know it.


Our Tasks:

  • Be clear– Know EXACTLY what it is that you want.

  • Ask for what you want– Have fun with it. Put it in a song if you want.

  • Don’t doubt– No overanalyzing…just believe it is possible.

  • Know you are worthy of your dream. 

  • Relax- Have fun and feel good.

  • Look Around…with New Eyes– Your blessing might be right in front of you.





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