Whatcha Cryin’ For?! Where Yo Faith At?!

I learned a valuable lesson from my two-year-old godson last week! Not the cutesy stuff like “Look at the innocence of this child.” or “Let me be a shining example of awesomeness for him to see.” something more like “Look at how much he cries over pancakes and crayons!” I know

crying child

No this is not my godson. This pic is just here for reference! 😉


some of you are like “Well, duh he’s two!” While the rest of you are probably saying, “How dare you be so mean to him he is a child!” I know, I know but let me explain. First of all, I do not have children yet and I was raised as an only child so I have NO CLUE about kids and what kids do or don’t do. What I DO know is that when I was making breakfast my godson wanted the food before it was ready to be served. He wanted pancakes NOW! So, he ran into the kitchen, reached for the pancake stacked plate almost pulling it off the counter and when I pulled the plate away from him to save the pancakes from falling to the floor he pouted and began to cry. I then broke off a piece of the pancake and gave it to him to eat. Satisfied he ran back into the living room to play. I continued to cook, then he ran back into the kitchen for more pancake. I broke off another piece and gave it to him willfully. He returned to the kitchen at least 4 more times until breakfast was served.

A few days later we were at dinner and he was coloring when I heard a wail that would have prevented Bobby McFerrin himself from “Be-ing happy.” You would have thought the world was coming to an end. I looked over to see that a zombie apocalypse was not taking place but that he had merely dropped his crayon. I leaned over to pick it up and gave it back to him. He stopped crying. I continue with my conversation at dinner and five minutes later he is crying again. Sponge Bob didn’t get assassinated…nope! He dropped his crayon again. I kindly picked it up, handed it to him and he once again was satisfied.

My godson is a super sweet and cute little boy and his precious face just makes you want to turn the world upside down to find a Lego piece if he lost it. His tears soon began to feel very familiar. I realized that I too have cried those tears before. Maybe not over pancakes or crayons but surely over money and my dream! At two-years-old you are still learning if you can trust the world around you so it makes sense to cry because you are unsure if there is any other way to get what you want. You don’t know if you can trust that you will ever see that crayon again because you haven’t had much experience with dropped crayons. As an adult, you would think you would have more of an idea that things will ultimately be given to you when you ask for them but then again if that were true we would likely not suffer from bouts of anxiety and depression as often as we do (not saying that some people do not have a chemical imbalance I’m referring to the “life sucks so I’m gonna eat ice cream and watch re-runs of Married With Children until it doesn’t suck anymore!” type of depression). Like my godson, I have declared that I want something and if I didn’t get it right away I would pout, cry and feel utterly hopeless. I imagine God probably looked at me like I looked at my godson like, “Why are you crying? Don’t you know how precious you are? How could I say no to that face? Here ya go!” What my godson didn’t know quite yet was that he was covered. There were plenty of pancakes for him and moreover plenty of love for him so his request (as long as it was in his best interest) was granted!

Are we as adults really any different? Do we forget the loving nature of God and this magnificent universe so much that we cry when bills are due and we don’t have any cash or we didn’t get a callback for that audition? Do we weep at the thought of being without as if being destitute is our destination? Maybe if we saw ourselves as we see the children in our lives we will have a better understanding of how “The Man/Woman Upstairs” sees us. Maybe we would learn to be as gentle with ourselves as we would be with a two-year-old all the while knowing that everything is going to work out for us and that “pancakes” and “fallen crayons” aren’t that difficult to retrieve. Moreover, that there is someone/something out there that REALLY wants us to have exactly what we want!


Our Tasks:

  • Think of areas in which you are impatient or lack faith and write out tangible things you can do to change your behavior in those areas.

  • Find a baby picture (5 and under preferably) and put it up where you can see it everyday or carry it with you and when you get down or feel stressed out about life look at that picture and think, “What would you say to that little person in the photo? How would you console them?” Handle yourself accordingly.

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