Treat Yo’Self…Don’t Cheat Yo’ Self!

This is definitely one for those Parks and Recreations fans! (Love this episode..its hilarious and real!)

So once again, I am going to put my business in the street! I know you’re probably like, “What’s new?!” Well, this time it’s not just an occurrence that happened a few years ago that I can wistfully pontificate about in the present moment in order to usher in some wisdom in the next few paragraphs…NOPE! This is pretty doggone embarrassing and I don’t think anyone would offer much sympathy. With that said, I must confess to you that…

THIS is my phone case!


The Inside



The Back Cover

I know you are thinking to yourself, “I bet this is a joke, Audra is so silly. She thought we would fall for that old ‘Look at my terrible phone case gag’ but we are too smart. We know that if she really needed a new phone case she would get one. But if this really was her phone case and it looked like this she surely wouldn’t let the world see it! She would be too prideful for that.”  But you would be wrong. This IS my phone case and yes it pains me to let you see this but it is my truth. The raggedness of my phone case did not become real to me until the closure in the first picture was hanging by a thread. It has since completely detached. 😦

So what is the significance of this you ask? Why write a post based on your old tattered cellphone case? Well, as much as I’d like to think that this is just an isolated occurrence for me and that I would NEVER let this type of thing happen to me in any other manner I would be wrong. I look at my phone case and then I look at my old boots and jeans to see that they have one thing in common. They need to be replaced! Like really bad! This might sound pretentious but this is more about self care. I saw my tattered jeans, boots and phone case and held on to them because I didn’t want to spend the money to buy something new. Not just because I can be frugal but for two reasons:

1. I have lived as a “starving artist” for a while so you just get used to working with what you have.

2. I told myself that the quality and quantity of my jeans aren’t important. Having an intact cell phone case isn’t a big deal.

Honestly, I told myself that in order to make myself feel better. What I neglected to realize is that there is abundance in this world. Money will come when it is respected, invested properly and given away freely…not hoarded. Hoarding means you lack faith, that you don’t believe abundance exists and the world reflects your feelings.

Because men believe not in Providence, therefore they do so greedily scrape and hoard. They do not believe in any reward for charity, therefore they will part with nothing.  -Isaac Barrow

The truth is that because of my experiences I overlooked simple things for myself. Not that having new jeans and fancy cell phone cases is super important to my journey in this life but taking care of myself is. Just as eating healthfully can give me the energy I need to serve others at a shelter or even write this blog. Sometimes having a new dress, a new hairstyle or super cute jeans can make you feel like you can get that job, go on that date or just look in the mirror with satisfaction because you like the way you look and it makes you feel great! There is nothing wrong with treating yourself well and believing that abundance is prevalent and is available to you!

Many of you may be reading this and saying, “I don’t have a problem treating myself, I am in debt because of it!” Well I would say in that case you just might be “treating yo’ self” to the wrong things. Maybe you don’t need jeans but you need to tell yourself that you are “beautiful” or “enough” at least twice a day. Maybe you need to treat yo’ self to some forgiveness or peace of mind. We ALL need to treat ourselves to something. We just need to know that its ok to do it. And know that whatever it is that we need (material or ethereal) it is available to us!

Our Tasks:

  • Examine areas in your life that have been ignored and need to be “treated” then “Treat yo’ self!” This may mean cleaning your home, going on a vacation, throwing something away, buying something or maybe even leaving something (or someone) behind. Just do it!
  • Have fun in the process knowing you are serving yourself in a meaningful way.

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