Lessons From a Car Wash

file1641236009950So here I go once again telling all of my “dirty” little secrets. (In case you missed my last one.) Ok breathe Audra you can do it! So, I got my car washed…after like 4 months! (possibly longer but I don’t want to own up to that) My car wasn’t super duper filthy as I tend to remove clutter and clean my windows at the gas station but still it had been a really long time since I’d washed it. When I first bought it I would have it washed weekly. (Not only because it was new but because my dealership gave me free car washes…they have since discontinued those free washes in order to conserve water which is great for California but not so great for Audra’s sexy little ride.) Overall, my car was in need of a good wash and wax but in my eyes it wasn’t so bad…it was bearable…at least that is what I thought!

After I got my car washed it felt like I was looking at a brand new car. I sat inside and the leather seats has been wiped down and were now shiny. The tiny popcorn kernels from my godson’s last visit were gone and it smelled like a new ride! I experienced a whole new level of excitement for driving. I felt like my car was sexy again! I felt like it was no longer just a means to get from point A to point B but was a way to get there in style.  Like the car wash attendant just handed me keys to a brand new ride.

What I learned from that experience is that its not always about having something new (although that might sound contradictory to last week’s post) but I believe that there is a time for everything. Sometimes we must do a complete overhaul and throw away things and buy new things and sometimes we just need to polish up what we already have. Maybe you have an old Thunderbird in the garage that needs a new engine. (A Thunderbird is an old car right? I don’t know much about cars. Lol) Add a nice wax job and you could be rolling down the street in your vintage ride making Jay Leno jealous. If that could work for a car maybe it could also work on yourself I thought. Maybe you have had some life experiences that have painted a not so pleasant feeling in your heart and that has made you feel dingy and dirty. Maybe you feel like you just need to start over again and “buy a whole new car” or maybe you just need a “car wash.” Maybe there really isn’t anything wrong with you its just that you could use a little refreshment. Maybe your foundation is good…you have good tires but they just need to be rotated. (I swear to you I am not trying to make this sound sexual. Lol) Maybe you just need a few new spark plugs or a paint job. The bottom line is it was still MY car. It was still the sexy little ride that I picked out at the dealership…it just didn’t FEEL sexy anymore. The good part about feelings is that they change. What I am beginning to see about life is that whether or not it appears the way I would like it to…it’s still MY life and I can make the adjustments I need to. I can be at home in my pjs watching TV one day and on a red carpet the next. Either way, its me! I always have the potential to do and be what I desire. Sometimes what I desire is only a “car wash” away!


Our Tasks:

  • Look at your life and see what things and habits need to be thrown away and what just needs a little TLC. Write them down and handle them accordingly. For example, some “friends” may need to be removed from your life because they are toxic and have pretty much always been that way and some friends you just need to have a conversation with to smooth out some misunderstandings. *Remember this also applies to personal habits as well.  For instance, you may want to cut out eating donuts and cake and opt for organic fruit smoothies or a piece of fruit instead. That way you get some sugar but a much healthier form.

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