SIZE MATTERS… at least when it comes to dreams!!


When I was a kid, I always wanted to have my birthday party at McDonald’s. It was something about the playscape that I loved! Maybe it was the Hamburglar bouncy ride thing they had. It’s the thing you sit on like a horse (w/handles) and it had a spring at the bottom that allows you to bounce around a bit. I would post a picture but I think you get it. My point is that I LOVED the playscape, it was cool in my 4-year-old mind. So, on my 5th birthday my Mom threw me a surprise party at that very same McDonald’s. I was estatic! All of my friends and family were there and we had plenty of hamburgers and cheeseburgers to go around. (My pallet has since changed quite a bit) but I was winning! My dream had been realized. I was pleased! Like super pleased!

When I was 16 I wanted a car. I grew tired of driving my Grandma’s old car (which I nicknamed “The Big Bee” because it was black and yellow-and this was before Wiz Khalifa made that rather catchy song) so I asked my Mom and she gave me the usual, “Umm ok.” Next thing you know, there was a radio contest, I had to call in and guess the artist of the song. Welp, I called in, guessed correctly and won $1,000! Half of which went to the down payment on my new car and the other half went to my Mom because she gave me life and paid all of my bills so no problem there!

I could go on and on with regard to all of the times I have gotten what I have asked for. I GET what I ask for! We all do whether we know it or not! Have you ever wanted to speak with someone and they call you five minutes later or have you ever wanted a certain item for Christmas and you got it (even if you are the one who bought it)? What about that sexy human being you were drooling over? Take a moment to think…I’ll wait………………………………………………………………………………………

Ok cool so now that you have RE-lived all of those amazing moments, what is keeping you from LIVING the moments you really want to right now? Well, if you are anything like me, you dream to a point. You dream big enough to fill your room but not big enough to fill your house or your neighborhood. In plain terms, you dream as big as your belief will allow you. For instance, maybe you can see yourself getting a new car but not falling in love and getting married. Or maybe you can see yourself getting a promotion at your company but not venturing out on your own, writing a best-selling book and going on speaking tours. Maybe that dream just feels too big and unattainable. Well, that had been my story. I would “doggy paddle” around my dream but never “dive in” because I honestly felt that it was unattainable. A cool fantasy but not for me… ”like not for real.” I would work on a show for another production company instead of putting energy and faith into my own. What I am learning now is that we are ALWAYS getting what we want but never admit that we actually want more! Sometimes you want to “own the bakery” but instead you settle on “picking up a pie here and there”. The issue is not that you can’t have your heart’s desire it’s that you don’t have the faith to pay the toll to cross that bridge over to your desire. (metaphors galore I know!) Faith is the fix!

Faith is reminding yourself that nothing in life is out of your reach. Faith looks at everything the same, like: Imagine a stoner cousin of yours with his/her feet propped up on the coffee table, super high watching tennis. You run in and tell them you just got accepted to Harvard University with a full scholarship. Their reaction is: “Oh cool” (very mellow…not at all matching your intensity) Or maybe you run into the living room with the same cousin doing the same thing and instead of Harvard you say there is a fire and you must leave immediately that Aunt Daisy just jumped out the window into the arms of the firemen. Your cousin says the same thing: “Oh cool” (very mellow…not at all matching your intensity) That’s what faith is. That thing that keeps things on a level playing field (not that I am trying to compare faith to marijuana but it may have some similar mellowing effects). Faith says hey, I got to ride the Hamburglar at my 5th birthday and got my new car at 16 so what is the big deal about becoming a millionaire or founding my non-profit? Why can’t I be a great Mom, Wife and have a career that I love? Why can’t I write a best-selling book and never have to see the inside of a cubicle ever again? Why can’t I have a blog and album that helps to encourage millions of people? The answer is you CAN. It’s not a big deal. You will get what you settle for. So why not settle for the cool stuff that makes your heart smile? Your desire may be new but your faith is “old”. It’s been there and done that and knows that nothing is out of your reach!

Our Tasks:
  • Write down at least 3-5 things that we got in the past 5 years that we wanted “really bad.”
  • Write down the things we currently desire (the heartwarming stuff we want) and why we feel doubtful about them.
  • Write positive affirmations to reverse your doubts or if you are a visual learner do a Faith Chart. Get a big poster board and across the bottom left side put pictures (3-5 is good) of the things you have wanted for a while and received. On the bottom right side, put pictures of the things you desire but seem unattainable. Draw a faint line between them (in pencil…very important) and look at the chart over the next 30 days imagining the line you drew in pencil was disappearing. As your feelings about the separation begin to shift erase the line in pencil sections at a time.


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