You’ve Got a Pocket Full of Change!

PocketSo, quick story, when I wrote my song Pocket Full of Change I was in a laundromat with a pocket full of quarters and randomly started singing, “I’ve got a pocket full of change” (in case you haven’t heard it click here). When I sat to finish the song, the next lyrics that came to me were: “You betta hear these words today…you ain’t got no say if you ain’t got no change.” Now, I said to myself how arrogant of me to say that I’ve got a pocket full of change when I just left the laundromat! I don’t have a huge house in the hills yet so what am I so talking about?! Shouldn’t I have said, “I’ll GET a pocket full of change?”  or “If I had a pocket full of change? ” If I say I have a pocket full of change and I am not where I want to be in my life quite yet then aren’t I just lying to myself? But I learned in writing that song that I didn’t lie to myself or anyone else. I ABSOLUTELY have a pocket full of change (and not just quarters). We ALL have a pocket full of change! Meaning we all have the ability to “change” our situation in life so that it is in alignment with what we see as better for ourselves. Writing the song taught me that what you see in front of you can totally shift if you are willing to EMBODY the change you wish to see.

How do we embody the change?

  1. Have a clear vision of what you desire to create/manifest in your life.
  2. Imagine what it feels like to have it. Rest in that.
  3. Be patient and watch it come to you.

Ok so, really quick, this actually happened to me while I was reading the book Ask and It Is Given. My car had been acting up, my gears would shift without provocation and whenever I took the car to the mechanic at the dealership the problem would never present itself to the mechanic so they could not see anything that needed fixing. I was super frustrated, to say the least, and at that point, it was a very unsafe car to drive. I knew the car that I wanted and had been looking at it online. In reading the book, I recall it saying instead of putting your attention on what is wrong or is frustrating you at the moment, put it on what you wish to occur. So, I was on my way to work one morning at my gear shift slipped again but instead of me being mad at the car I immediately started thinking about what it would be like to have a new car. I imagined how safe it would be and how much gas I would save. I imagined what it would be like to shift the gears and they actually work properly. As I was doing that I kid you not within 5 minutes a pickup truck swerved from the southbound lane (I was in the northbound) into my lane right in front of my car and BAM!! I ran right into it! Now, that might sound like a tragedy but let me tell you this was the best accident to have if you are going to have an accident because no one was hurt, we both had insurance and it was 100% the other person’s fault. Let’s just say that within 30 days I had my brand new car and just in time for my birthday!!

Now, I’m not saying imagine accidents I am saying that we all have the power of change and we carry it with us always. We may not realize it because we are likely so busy focusing on the things we don’t want in our lives we leave the opportunity to receive the things we truly desire on the table. The power of our minds is greater than we think and there is neuroscience to prove it. Check out Dr. Joe Dispenza as he discusses exactly how powerful our minds really are! (It’s really eye-opening!)
So, with that said, trust that you truly DO have a pocket full of change and you carry it with you wherever you go. It’s just about learning how to fully tap into it so that you can have in your hand what you see in your mind!

Peace to you!


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