Strengthened by her Mid-Western roots, Audra Bryant is an archetypal Renaissance woman, defying definition while redefining the role of the Artist in today’s society. Silence is canvas for her creation, and upon it she paints a picture with words and melodies.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Audra Bryant continues to extend the tradition of artistic excellence for which the Motor City is renown. A product of the highly reputable Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit, Audra displayed a penchant for writing, acting, and singing in her early childhood. After years of honing her talents by songwriting with Mosaic, Audra was encouraged by family and board members to professionally pursue a career in the arts in Los Angeles, California.

Her time in Los Angeles has introduced Audra to various facets of the industry from Music, TV Production, Theatre, and Technology. Her independently released album, 2009’s “The Introduction” drastically set her apart from her contemporaries, and opened the door for several performance and collaborative opportunities. Audra was featured on The House of Urban Grooves, the 513 Elevators debut album “Goin Up” , and  projects from Detroit jazz artist Dee Brown. Most recently, Audra Bryant has begun recording her latest musical endeavor entitled “Through the Dark” and additionally has released a collaborative neo-jazz track with poet Slim da Reazon entitled “Beautiful You”.

As a TV Producer, Audra has casted for shows such as “Steve Harvey’s Big Time”, “America’s Got Talent” and various shows on ABC, BET and GSN.

Multifaceted, Audra Bryant successfully launched her production company, Purpose Fulfilled Productions, in 2011. Through Purpose Fulfilled Productions, Audra wrote and produced her premiere play “The Cage” which had a sold out run at Los Angeles’ respected Stella Adler Theatre.

Her recent technological ventures resulted in a partnership with technology aficionado, Adrain Ramirez, which has birthed A&A Media. This new entertainment platform will provide artists and creators with a brand new innovative lane for maximum exposure.

With several scripts, plays, shorts, songs and innovative tech concepts in production, Audra Bryant is continuing to pursue her passion with positivity and humble resilience