Gratitude is All About Attitude

          So, I was recently convicted…not of a crime punishable by the laws of this country but of what I would consider as more of a “spiritual crime.” I heard a sermon that “Read me my rights” and rightfully so. The “crime” I committed was: Being found unlawfully egocentric and lacking … Continue reading Gratitude is All About Attitude


Imagine This: It was a dark and stormy night. Christopher, 6’2”, ruggedly handsome with skin like bronze rushes in out of the rain. He steps across the threshold relieved to feel the warmth of the fireplace. He takes a deep breath and smiles, happy to be home. As he reaches to hang up his coat he … Continue reading Distractions…Distractions…DISTRACTIONS!!!

50/50 The Lottery of Life

“Nothing makes you more vulnerable than your refusal to be honest with yourself about what you want.” –Charly Emery It’s nothing like a good quote to sum up hundreds of pages of thoughts into one sentence! Admitting to myself that my dream is to encourage the world through my music (this I vowed to do … Continue reading 50/50 The Lottery of Life

Remembering Where You’re Going, When You’re Not Where You Wanna Be!

This has been a VERY challenging task for me! Growing up as an only child I didn't ask for much but when I did ask I usually got it. So when I envisioned myself at 14 on stage singing my heart out for a stadium of people I kind of expected that to happen waaayyyy … Continue reading Remembering Where You’re Going, When You’re Not Where You Wanna Be!

The Introduction: Hello My Name is Audra!

  Have you ever had that feeling that “Yes, I know I am meant to do great things…but I’m terrified out of my mind to do them?!” Or maybe you say, “After the kids are in middle school I will finally start trying to lose this baby weight,” or "I will learn to cook after … Continue reading The Introduction: Hello My Name is Audra!